Kimìra is a unisex brand founded by Amera Kimya as a way to allow others into the world of styling streetwear looks. Kimìra is founded and based in Toronto where @amera.km was born and raised.

Her grandmother inspired her to start wearing silk scarves at a young age. Coming from an East African background, many know it is very common for our families to wear silk scarves. Her grandmother left her side 7 years ago. Kimìra launched in late 2020 as Amera's passion is to expand her vision to style her silk scarves and let her grandmother's legacy live on in her heart and with her inspiring fashion sense.

The Kimìra mission is to create an inculsive space for everyone, no matter what style, shape or size. We have something for everyone. We want you to feel confident and bold in our pieces. We hope you feel luxurious and your best self when you wear Kimìra.


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